10 Signs you need to switch Up Your exercise Routine

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10 Signs you need to switch Up Your exercise Routine

Your workout regimen—like a diet and a killer wardrobe—requires a healthy dose of selection. however we all know it’s simple to urge stuck during a fitness rut, therefore we have a tendency to came up with some telltale signs that your exertion is in desperate want of associate upgrade. If the subsequent clues sound acquainted, it’d be time to undertake one thing new.

Sign #1: You just stopped mid-lunge to read this


You know exactly which treadmill to use when you want to watch Dancing With the Stars.




You can’t remember the last time you actually felt the burn..






You’ve actually yawned in the middle of a rep.



You look forward to your gym sessions because that’s when you catch up on Instagram.




You got a concerned text from your Zumba instructor when you didn’t show up to class.



In your mind, cardio is something that requires a treadmill or elliptical.



When someone steals “your” bike in cycling class, it pretty much ruins your whole day.

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The last “new” song you downloaded onto your workout playlist was “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas. (Ahem, that came out in 2009.)



You’re pretty sure a foam roller is used for flotation purposes.



You know about three different exercises involving dumbbells, so…yeah, you lift.

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