10 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Happy By Sitting On Top Even Hotter

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Saddle up for a very good time.

10 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Happy By Sitting On Top Even Hotter

If we were to crown the MVP (most valuable position) sex, it would be girl on top. You may have a different opinion, but this move puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you take control of your orgasm. What if you were told that there was a path-10, in fact! -to strengthen its climax in this position? Believe it, because it’s happening. Just try these simple tricks to make your routine girl-on-top to new heights:

1. Play with Your Boobs
In case you did not already know, your breasts and nipples are two of the main erogenous zones. Tease, massage, pressure is applied in reality everything that makes your children (and you) happy, suggests Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First.

2. Drop It Like a Squat
Straddle your guy in a squat-like to have more power to control the thrust angle, depth and strength, says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., author of NeuroLoveology: The Power of Conscious Love and Sex.

3. Bring reinforcements
Your vibrator is a solid choice, but you can do better, much better. Check out a sex toy laptop encourages couples to two, says Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., author of The Sex Bible New.

4. Squeeze your legs
When you bring your knees closer together, tightening the muscles of the pelvis and allow more friction between the penis and clitoris, says Cadell.

5. Adjust the Rhythm
Sex does not have to be a race (unless you’re looking for a quickie). So changing your speed between slow and fast and change the depth from superficial to deep to allow for different types of stimulation, says Kerner. It can also move his hips in a circular rather than an upward direction and downward movement said O’Reilly.

6. Get Kinky
Power is sexy, and in this position, you are in total control. If you are interested in a little twist, try binding their wrists and blindfolded so that he is aware of what you’re doing, says O’Reilly. You’ll feel like a master of sex, and he is very erotic surprise element.

7. Give Yourself a Hand
Here oldie-but-a one-surprises: With one hand caressing her tits, use the other hand to stimulate your clitoris, says Kerner. Something tells us that your partner does not mind being ignored for a moment, as long as you get to enjoy this view.

8. Hold Their Gaze
One of the best ways to have incredible sex is to create the chemistry between you and your partner smokin ‘hot. So to increase your intimacy, eye contact and lock it down, says Kerner. Research suggests that this type of contact meet both emotional and physical pleasure.

9. Lie Flat on His Chest
Consider this a slight twist on this beloved position: Not only will you feel (and literally) closer, but the touch of skin to skin of your breasts on the chest only enhances the experience for both, says O’Reilly. Further, the angle of the vagina stimulate the clitoris in a new possibly better,.

10. Hit the Floor
Bed, we love you, but you can take this sexual position to unknown places to spice things up. Try a soft carpet on the floor, suggests Kerner, who notes that provide more support for his thrusts.



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