11 Reasons Men Love Being in a Relationship

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The Women’s Health Guy Next Door assures us that not all dudes are lone wolves.

11 Reasons Men Love Being in a Relationship

Being single has its advantages, but no man wants to spend his entire life in the dating pool. Finally, the water becomes cold, our fingers wrinkle and begin to suspect that someone is peeing in the water. Romantic concept, right? But one thing is certain: Almost every man wants to end a relationship over time. He wants someone to share the pool with towel, so you do not have to spend your life treading water with other singles pruning. So what is it that attracts us to life in love? Let me explain:

Lots of sex, no strings attached.

Well, no new strings anyway. We were already committed to you before we got naked, so no subtle “what does this mean for us?” Conversations later. Ahhh.


There are no awkward morning-afters, either.

We can make breakfast or not. We can talk about the night before, or not. But whatever we do, no hidden subtext. And no one has to take a taxi home.

Finally someone virile values ​​our ability to hang shelves and picture frames.

Hey, we’re even. We have the tools and everything. It’s no big deal. In fact, we think that is very important and we want to show our abilities, but our friends are not usually very impressed.

Shared cleaning tasks.

If you like clean floors, and I like clutter free countertops. Note the divided duties. (But if we’re being honest, you should do the bathroom. Their hair is everywhere.)

There is no way more experimentation.

Would you use a sex toy with a one-night stand? Do you try new positions were not sure? Would you make a home video so the two of you could watch it together later? My guess is no, no, definitely not. But in a relationship, you can do all that. And we want.

You encourage our dreams.

Do you think we can accomplish great things even when we are not so sure. That is huge.

You challenge our ideas.

Well, you’re right. A petting zoo cocktail bar, probably not the best business plan. Thanks for listening, baby. The next will be the winner.

You know us better than anyone.

Our coworkers see our professional side. Our buds see our noisy side. Our bride sees both-besides our tender side, generous our side, our side, stubborn, moody our side..


And yet—you don’t judge us.

Peculiarities? Difficult times? Fallas? We have them all. And yet you love us.

You tell us, honestly, if these pants are too tight.

Skinny jeans are still, right? Oh, that’s over? Well damn. Good thing I did not just spend $ 100 on these.

It is perverted when unapologetically check you out.

After the shower when you drop the towel like it was no big deal. Then off bra, slip into your skirt, shimmy in her blouse-yes, all that. While you’re okay with that, we are fully entitled to look at a relationship. And obviously, we invite you to look back.

We’re making an attempt laborious to make higher relationships within the world.
But we tend to can’t have a go at it without YOU!

Did this feature assist you higher yourself or your relationship?
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