15 Things No One Ever Tells You About Marriage

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It’s time for some real talk about ’til death do us part.

15 Things No One Ever Tells You About Marriage

Marriage is pretty darn impressive. It means that you’ve found the person you want to spend forever with-and most likely you celebrated in style. But apart from all the unsolicited advice that brides and grooms are bombarded with, there are some truths of marriage that you probably do not realize until you’re actually hooked. So we went straight to the source of married people and asked for lessons advice, truth, and the life that no one tells you about marriage:

“Everything that does not change after marriage. If you are in the right relationship and marry the right person the only thing that should change is perhaps his last name and the box you check forms.” -Karyn A.

“That everything ‘in sickness and in health” thing will go over what you believe, like when you take care of a bad hangover and you have to help calm his raging PMS. Now that’s lasting love. “Lindsay K.

“Being friends, not clones of each other, and enjoy what both bring to the table.” Bill M.

“Marriage is not boring. You’ll surprise continuously so your husband surprises her with a new story, a bit of” best friend “you’ve never heard of, and some distant cousin whose name is never mentioned.” Meredith H.

“Something no one told me was that to marry me marry my husband with his family.” Gabriela W.

“During a fight night late, do not sit for hours trying to find common ground just because the words” Never go to bed angry “are beaten on the head. The longer you fight, the more irritable you get and one that it will say something you’ll regret. Just lay down and everything will be clearer in the morning. “Karen D.

“Girl time must be right with one to have some time alone every day and boy and one without the other often.” -Nathon J.

“Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty!” Sarah S.

“No one ever told me that I would be comfortable passing gas, vomiting, or even poop around my husband. It sounds silly, but I was terrified to do any of these things about a man.” -Anissa P.

“Do not take each other too seriously. This leads to arguments.” She S.

“That must continue to date each other, even after marriage and children. It is always important to get dressed, go out, have fun together, and remember why you married in the first place.” Amy S.

“Their relationship will be even better after getting married! You can have so much fun together that you’ll give yourself years to just enjoy being married before having children.” Heather S.

“They do not realize how incredibly nuts their little habits like singing in the morning and whistles you will. But eventually you start to like.” Keely W.

“You’ll be surprised at how strangers seem to view their relationship as being much more serious now how anxious they will be for you to have children right away.” -Madeleine B.

“Boys poop a lot.” Molly W.



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