3 Things That Keep You From An Abundant Life

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3 Things That Keep You From An Abundant Life

I have worked with hundreds of clients who blocked their way to an abundant life without realizing it. Does this sound like you?

For most of his life, but can not quite seem to get there, here are three ways you can be the misuse of the law of attraction and locking himself plenty.

1 You set your intentions from a place of lack.

Have you ever set an intention for $ 1,000,000, a new sports car, or a murderer vacation somewhere exotic?

If you really want to receive your statements, it is important to investigate why you want your intentions to manifest. When you start to investigate the truth of his intentions, too often, you will find that intentions are coming from a place of lack.

Try to ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to manifest millions? Want more money for you to be more attractive to potential partners or make someone have more respect for you?
  • Why I want that new job? Want a new job to impress your parents or get more power and prestige?
  • Why I want to manifest perfect health for my partner in the hospital? Are you trying to manifest a full recovery from their partner in the hospital because you’re afraid of being alone, or because you think you’re lost without your partner?

All these intentions are wonderful, but if you answered yes to any of these questions, your intentions are being established from a place of:

“I’m not enough as I am. Everything I’m not and I need something out of me to be enough. I’m missing without these things.”

If you are setting intentions rather than an inherent fault, the law of attraction will give you most needed to confirm what you believe to be true about yourself even if you are requesting abundance.

Like attracts like. If his intentions beneath you think you are missing without something or someone in your life, the law of attraction will send further tests to confirm their belief about their lack.


2 You are trapped in old patterns.

When trying to use the law of attraction, most people want to focus all their effort in asking, visualizations, and convince themselves that they believe that they have placed their intention.

Setting intentions, making views and believe, are important steps towards the demonstration. However, only half of the equation. The other half of the equation has to do with the truth about yourself learned.

As a child and an adult, you learn things about yourself and about life that keep you stuck in patterns of failure.

For example, maybe someone said growing up that you were not good enough or some event happened which made you feel unworthy of love, attention or approval. We all have our skeletons in the closet that still haunt us and influence our behavior until we find a way to cure them.

The first part of the equation for manifesting abundance is healing and disrupted patterns that keep parts of you trapped in the belief that you are not good enough, they are unable to participate, or are not worthy receiving abundance.

When thoughts and old beliefs go uninvestigated, form patterns in your life that attract more and more evidence that the old beliefs about yourself are true.

Like attracts like. If you have an old pattern or belief about yourself based on failure, that pattern must heal first, or you will continue to attract more lack and unconsciously block their conscious manifestations of abundance.

3. You’re attached to a certain outcome.

This is a major block to wealth.

Imagine that someone is in love with you. They like you and really want to take you on a date. They ask you out every day, leave flowers, call, text, and try to convince you to give them what they want: a date!

When that person is so attached to the outcome of that going on a date with them, how does it make you feel? It is very likely that you feel repulsed by them rather than attracted.

That’s exactly what happens when one is attached to the idea of ​​his intention to become a reality. In fact, pushing its intention further and attracts the opposite of its intention.

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Well, you attract the opposite of its intention because their attachment to the result usually means that a part of you feels incomplete. This part of you think you need their intention to be fulfilled in order to feel complete. Since you feels incomplete and like attracts, attract more incomplete – aka: timeless!

The key to avoiding these common blocks to attracting abundance, is manifesting from a place of wholeness and totality. Learn how to become a magnet for wealth by establishing the intentions of a place of abundance, so that you can heal old wounds and to investigate patterns of attachment. Is happy!

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