4 Essential Tips for Making Quickie Sex SERIOUSLY Hot

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No time for all-day foreplay and tantric tricks? You can still have sizzling sex in just minutes. Follow our tips for a mind-blowing quickie.

4 Essential Tips for Making Quickie Sex SERIOUSLY Hot

Men have a representative be randy all day, every day. But-and this is not news to youwomen are quite luxurious too. A survey by Elite Singles revealed that 65 percent of women and 69 percent of men think having sex several times a week is ideal. Too bad it’s not the case: most couples in their twenties and thirties are knocking boots once a week or twice a month, reports the Kinsey Institute.

So why are we not giving the leaves on fire more often? Blame our busy schedules. Studies have found that couples prioritize things like sleep and sex work ahead – leaving almost no time to have dinner together, much less have a sack session 30 minutes. These nights without sex can have serious consequences for the quality of satisfaction and intimacy in your relationship. One study suggests that the more sexual desires and your partner are not met, but is likely to struggle and feel dissatisfied with their union.
But there is an easy, comfortable and full of pleasure solution: the quickie. It’s all about speed, hot, unbridled passion, and he would not like to have time for that? With little foreplay (or concern for remove all clothing), the meeting may take less time than it would be to queue your playlist sexy- music. Bonus: You can still get the health benefits of longer sex sessions. “Sex is a physical activity, so I recommend you do it as often as possible to exercise, it also helps to relax and adds to its link with the family,” says Harry Fisch, MD, a urologist and specialist in reproductive medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and author of The New Naked. Rapid can also inject some spontaneous passion in your relationship. “Sometimes women want to be taken,” says Fisch. “If that’s what you want then a quickie is excellent.” It’s so great if you want to be the policyholder so.

What’s more, if you have trouble orgasming through intercourse alone, you can still experience the adrenaline and oxytocin, the feel-good hormone in your body, which comes with a sexy connection, say, sink kitchen while unloading the groceries. So are you game for thrilling satisfaction in a minimum of time? Read on for some helpful tips.

Lead with your head
The excitement begins in the mind, so asking enthusiasm before speed dating will help you feel desperate for sex. Send a private naughty text to your guy to give you an idea of ​​what’s to come the next time you see each other. “It’s a great way of flirting,” says sex expert Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First.

Not comfortable sending pornographic messages? According Olivia Baniuszewicz, coauthor of Flirtexting, a sassy text (like “I can not wait to rip your clothes”) could explain what you want to do with it. Later, when you are together, make sure you put your phone down: A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that when women ignore distractions (phone, TV, laptop), can start to get excited in 30 seconds.

Be Novel with Locations
When the WH readers surveyed, 39 percent admitted that they would like a fast one on the beach; the next most popular sites were a hot tub, an open field, and the bathroom of a restaurant or nightclub. New and relatively safe as these places can reach two steaming in seconds, from an unknown place can awaken your senses. In addition, you can add a very warm sense of urgency.

“The brain is the biggest sex organ, and any time you try something new, which is brain stimulating appetite novelty,” says Kerner. But use common sense (and be sure to follow the law) when choosing a location. And be on the lookout for pedestrians, creeps with cameras (which do not want to end up on YouTube) and, er, the police. If you are not ready to be so risky, select an empty room (with a lockable door) at a party or any other private event.

Get slippery
Lubrication is the way your body is telling you excitedly, but can take time to get flowing. “Most women need a little lubrication added at one time or another, regardless of age,” says Fisch, who suggests having a water-based formula in hand. Just a little can get you raring to go at once, reducing the uncomfortable or painful friction. In fact, women who used lubricant during writing reported significantly higher levels of satisfaction and pleasure compared with those who did not, according to a study by the Center at the University of Indiana for the Advancement of Sexual Health.

Take the direct route
Do not waste time entering complicated like (except for longer sessions, more experimental)-acrobatic positions. For example, if you feel the need to have sex when you wake up in the morning, simply spoon with your man (so it is facing away from him) and guide you in your interior. Trust us, you will not mind.

Not in the bed?Doggy style can be done in many places and deliver lightning-fast orgasms for you and deep penetration for him. If you have chosen a firm surface (like a table or desk), missionary position is perfect for clitoral stimulation for her pubic bone area i. Or try stand-up sex, and he bent down and touch as he gets to give the edge in record time.



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