5 Tips For Big Weight Loss

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5 Tips For Big Weight Loss

If you have recently had a baby or scale has slowly been increasing in recent years, when you have 50, 100 or more pounds to lose, the task can seem so daunting that you are tempted to give up before you even try. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you stay motivated on your big weight loss journey.

Remember it takes time
When you’re watching your calorie intake and exercise regularly, it is safe to lose about two pounds a week. That may not seem like much, but over time, these small pieces of the weight loss is going to add up. You gain all that weight overnight, so do not expect to lose as fast, either.

Set realistic goals and celebrate them-
Of course, your ultimate goal would be to fit into the jeans you wore in college, but in order to stay motivated, you need to set mini goals along the way. Every Sunday night, decide what your goal is-to work three times that week, eat vegetables every day, or meet with a personal trainer. Then, when you reach your goal, reward yourself in a healthy way with a new bottle of water or a trip to the movies, anything that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Know your milestones
Because your weight loss journey consists of small steps along the way, it is important to track your progress. Seeing how your efforts are working will surely inspire you to continue. Note that you can move forward in other ways that do not involve a scale-like having more muscle tonnage or extra energy.

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Take responsibility
So he ate healthy all week, but did not lose weight-What is it? Unless you write down every bite you take, it’s easier to deceive and take a cookie here and there some fried potatoes. These handfuls added, and if you write your food intake, you will better understand why the scale is not budging. It keeps you honest. Be less likely to devour two pieces of cake in the birthday party of his friend, if you know you will have to write later. To keep even more responsible, share your food diary with a friend.

Do not do it alone
The support of friends and family is huge when it comes to staying motivated. Tell everyone who is close to you that you are trying to lose weight so they can help keep you on track (instead of calling you to go out for ice cream). Set dates fitness, healthy recipes to share, and have a trusted friend that you can count on to call when you feel like you’re veering off course.

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