Every Guy Wishes Their Partner Do These 8 Naughty Little Moves on Bed!

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Need a new pair of sexy moves to please her man in the bedroom? These 8 deliciously devious ways to please your man is exactly what you need!

Every Guy Wishes Their Partner Do These 8 Naughty Little Moves on Bed!


It is often said that men are easy to please. This is true to some extent, but if you can take the next sexual level, only have eyes for you. It takes a bit of bravado, but these secret room will start your sex life into overdrive.

Some of these may seem unpleasant or even frightening. When you try them, your man has to understand that you would be getting out of your comfort zone in order to take things very slowly. Remember, you’re going out on a limb for your pleasure, so you must courtesy of maintaining a feeling as comfortable as possible.

Also, being given in the bedroom is a two way street. You should only do these things with a guy who reciprocates, and who will do anything to please you too. If man does not even consider alternative, then you do not owe anything on this list. Actually, if he is not a lover of delivery, you should probably find someone else.

But supposing it is not selfish in the bedroom, then you should hang on and try to score as many items off the list as you can. He’ll be like putty in your hands afterwards.

The top 8 moves to blow your guy’s mind in the bedroom

With these tips, you can be sure that your guy sensuous desire of each session you only manifest. Use them sparingly to keep you wanting more, or you can use them all at once for a bedroom appointment sexual supercharged!

#1 Blow him away. The less bold in this list – blowjobs – are essential in the bedroom. While going down on you, you need to be down on him. Occasionally you blow all the way to orgasm, but giving head is great for foreplay, too.

In the run-sex period should blow it for a few minutes. You need not go for long, but at least you will do come early, you must do so for at least two minutes. Anything less than that will come out as unenthusiastic. This will help your performance during sex too, so there is something in it for you too.

#2 Play ball! While you’re down there, something else that can make kids love – ball sucking. Start with the tongue taking long, slow licks with minimal pressure. So pucker up so her moist inner lips in contact with your skin. Gently rub your lips on the skin, letting his tongue via drag too.

Sucking is probably the wrong word to use, since even low intake may be harmful. A guy balls are extremely sensitive to pain. Do not be afraid to ask the opinion of him than he feels good and what does not. It is only balls that will hurt themselves, it can take around the base of his scrotum with a firmer grip as you do.

#3 Get a facial. If you’ve ever watched porn, you might think that all guys want to do is blow your load in the face of a woman. For most guys, this is simply not the case. The point of the law is to dominate a woman, and sexually degrading, and that’s not something a man should want to do it regularly. But as an occasional thing, facials can be quite hot.

While he respects you otherwise, there is nothing wrong with letting it dominate completely for about 20 seconds from time to time. And you can make it match. There is another act which is equivalent to dominate and degrading that can make a woman – sitting face. It is exactly what it sounds like. He gives you oral sex while you are in control, and basically can grind on his face. If you take him in the face, he can do the same for you.

#4 Backdoor love. Here is what strikes more fear in women than probably any other act of sex – anal sex. But fear not, most of what you think you know this is misinformation people not doing it the right way. When done correctly, anal can be very pleasant for a woman.

If you’re going to try, read our curious Guide Guy and Gal of a First Time anal sex together beforehand. Take your time, even if it means one or two weeks to start feeling comfortable with the game to stop before penetration occurs. To do this, and you will never forget.

#5 On camera. This is a very dangerous question, and it certainly will not be up your alley of all. Taking pictures or videos in the nude or during sex can be totally hot, but also quite risky. Even if you are sure you trust him, so were all those girls who then became victims of blackmail or revenge porn.

If you’re going to try, start by taking photos or video, watching together, then immediately remove it. This alone is very sexy, and ensures that there will be no trace left. Use your own phone or camera to be completely safe.

If you are going to keep images or video then make sure both have compromising pictures of themselves. This gives both playing field when push comes to shove and a party is considering blackmail the other.

#6 Mirror, mirror on the wall. Here is a very simple, but one guaranteed to warm. A strategically placed mirror allows both see themselves having sex. Most guys are very visual, and this will drive him crazy. Surprise him with this and will not believe his luck to find a girl like you. Let him see that going on all fours and he think has the best girlfriend in the world.

#7 Dirty talk. There’s a world of sensuality waiting to talk dirty when you explore together. You can get things started by talking to him. Here are three simple things foolproof to say to get going, “I love your cock”, “I love the feeling of his cock inside me”, “F * ck you are so good to me.” Obviously timing and tone are important here, but we’ll find out. There is much more too, but these three are great for beginners because they will boost your ego, and they sound totally hot.

#8 Play the part. Here’s another good to surprise him with. Sexy uniforms as the French maid, schoolgirl, and nurse are back on most guys. It’s okay to ask in advance what you long, so do not worry about ruining the surprise. Let him decide how much or how little the team to take off before you start making love.

You may not feel comfortable with him the first time, but at some point, turn the dressed-up in the role play. If you are a nurse, he was a patient or doctor. Stay on the scene to refer to themselves in the names of the characters, for example, you call the doctor, and he calls you nurse. There are probably a fantasy that wants to act in this way, if he knows everything or not. You can even take turns to relive the fantasies of each.

Drops, go crazy! Many, if not all, of these may seem daunting to you. Remember that you can explore together as a couple. Create a sense of trust between you, take it slow, and stop worrying about being embarrassed. If it makes it great for sex, will thank every single deity that he has a sexy sassy for a bride.

Sex shouldn’t just be wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am! There are tons of variations and little tricks you can try to give your usual lovemaking session that jolt of sexiness. Give these tips a go and watch as your sex life improves tenfold!



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