How TO Create A Nourishing Morning Routine [5 Tips]

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How TO Create A Nourishing Morning Routine [5 Tips]

How to start your morning? Pressing the snooze button? Droopy eyes checking messages on the phone? Running for office? Do you even stop for a second to hear what you are saying your body and mind?

Maybe it does, but not sure what else is possible. Getting out of that comfort zone is not easy. It is always tempting to sleep “for a few minutes.” Even if the night were an hour, we’d still be trying to get an extra five minutes to close your eyes.

Most people follow some sort of morning routine, but below five ideas that can help you create a habit that nourishes your mind, body and soul.

1. Eat a few pre-soaked almonds.

Make a habit of soaking six to eight almonds every night. Peel the skin of almonds and eat first thing in the morning. Soak other dried fruits, too, depending on your preferences.

2. Say at least one affirmation.

When you look in the mirror while washing your face or brushing your teeth, spare a minute to tell you it’s a good day and you are grateful. See how well the smile looks on your face! Tell yourself that a task that will end today. Willpower is the highest in the morning, so start strong.

3. Start drinking green tea with lemon.

Put green tea bag in warm water. Add honey and squeeze a little lemon juice. It is a wonder herb. Sit in the fresh air, savoring every sip of it. Hear the birds chirping; observe green trees; play with your pet; see the rising sun; be grateful for the morning; be present at the time.

4. Go for a walk in mind, no matter how long it is.

Choose a green and clean place. Breathe deeply. Focus on the rhythm of breathing. Observe the blue sky, the trees and then to the ground. Repeat. Go slow, brisk, and again at a slow pace. Since increasing blood circulation to the release of muscle tension, to make calm opening the chakras, walking every day is a must.

5. Try some yoga poses.

Taking care of your health physically, even when not ill will give rewards mentally, too. Practicing yoga daily. You will be healthier and feel younger and happier for a long term. Not only is the inhalation and exhalation. It connects to your inner nature being. Here’s how it sustains life energy. Nourish your body, mind and soul; everyone needs that.

Cheerful composed calm, morning, nutritious and grounding make your fruitful day. We can always use lack of time as an excuse. Try to do it for a week. Note the difference in their day. You will not want to leave the routine after feeling its effects.



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