How To Get A Strong Core? [Use These 4 Easy Moves]

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How To Get A Strong Core Use These 4 Easy Moves

These crunching (core) exercises are excellent for core strength, midline stability, and development of the abs and lower back.

1. Swing Ups


Begin lying on your back on the floor with the soles of your feet touching and knees bent and dropped to one side in a position of “butterfly”. Extend arms over his head to rest on the ground.


Swing your arms up and forward in an arc above and beyond your head, using the momentum to lift your shoulders and chest off the ground. Keeping your back straight and your elbows straight, touch your toes with your fingers.

Keeping your elbows straight, reverse the movement as you lower your torso and shoulders back to the floor.

2. Plank

Start in a prone position, leaning on his elbows, elbows aligned directly under the shoulders and forearms flat on the floor. Your knees should be fully extended and toes on the floor.

Squeeze your glutes, draw your navel toward your spine and lift your hips about a foot above the ground. Your body should be rigid and high heels from the shoulders. Hold the position as long as you can. Hips closer to the ground when they need rest.

3. Twisters

Start lying face up on the floor, holding her legs in the air, perpendicular to the floor, legs straight and arms extended outward like wings flat on the floor.


Keeping your shoulders and arms lashed down and legs together, swing your legs to his left side. Touch your left foot on the ground to mark a complete repetition.

Keeping your shoulders and arms lashed down and legs together, bring the legs 180 degrees to the right. Touch your right foot on the ground to mark another repetition. Return legs to the starting position.

4. knees to elbows

Begin lying on your back on the floor with arms extended overhead, hands and heels touching the floor.


In one motion, lift your knees toward your chest and elbows down to the hips, crunching up with the torso so that your buttocks and shoulders lift off the ground. Touch your elbows to your knees.

Extend your legs all the way back down and arms all the way back above. Tap your heels and back of the hands on the floor, returning to the starting position.



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