How To Get Clean From The Inside Out [No Juicing Required 3 Ways]

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How To Get Clean From The Inside Out [No Juicing Required 3 Ways]

You know what I find quite funny and even ironic? People in juice cleanses are angry and stressed out!

There are two types of toxins – tangible and intangible. Tangible Toxins come in various forms, all related to what we put in our physical body. These cover everything from alcohol and processed foods, pollution, chocolate, chemicals and more. Western society is obsessed with these toxins, which generally result in painful fasts and clean, and the elimination of viable sources of food that has been part of our diet for centuries.

Intangibles toxins in the form of emotions – anger, stress, worry, grief, sadness and even extreme emotion. According to traditional Chinese medicine, each of these emotions is processed by a specific organ. For example, stress is associated with the liver, fear in the kidneys, and spleen concern. These emotions are equally toxic to our system.

So when someone is juice fasting to “be clean” – meaning they are trying to remove physical toxins from your system – but they are stressed or angry because let’s face it, they are really just hungry, then they are actually adding toxins emotional body.

Therefore, no real progress in cleaning has been done and you just starve without effective motive.

Even if all natural toxins from your diet and surroundings (which incidentally, is impossible) is deleted, it can still be creating toxins inside your mind. These toxins, which are intangible, will also affect your tangible physical body. Juices alone is simply not the solution.

Yoga focuses on both tangible and intangible toxins. We use poses a sweat, drain and detoxify the physical system. We use controlled, regulated breathing, dedication and movement, as a meditation to manage the creation and elimination of toxins in the subtle inner body and mind. When done correctly, this combination is more effective than consume only six juices a day, and way tastier and satisfying way.

Here are three simple tips to keep everything clean and free of toxins system; juice is not necessary.

1. Chill out.
No career or adventurous life per se, and certainly not as lazy on the couch. Chill out in your mind. Meditate. Remember that everything you are feeling or experiencing is transitory and that too will pass.

2. Eat normally.
Normally as in, what is normal that Homo sapiens have evolved to be more than a thousand years. Overall, 60% plant is optimal, with 20% of clean fish and lean meats, and 20% other – including any of those other things that you may like.

3. Sweat.
Breaking a sweat is so crucial to keep the organs and entire system in top form, to avoid unnecessary toxins. A few minutes of cardio a day, or a selection of rigorous, detoxifying yoga postures can be very beneficial to your overall health.



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