How To Have More Sex In A Relationship Rut? (5 Ways)

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How To Have More Sex In A Relationship Rut (5 Ways)

Whether you are newly married or many years married, your sex life is guaranteed to ebb and flow. This process is completely normal and natural, so do not worry if you are having less sex now than they were six months ago.

Unless your relationship has recently experienced a major trauma (infidelity, for example), or there is a medical problem in its path (for example, temporary physical pain, or sexual desire-reducing medication), their sexual relationship is likely to pick back up to its usual pace in no time.

But if you are looking for some tips and tricks to ramp things in the bedroom, read on for five fun and flirty suggestions.

1. Try something new.
Do something new with your spouse you can shake out of a rut – and that’s a good thing for your sex life. Try an activity you’ve never done before – be it sexy, like massage class for couples, or just plain fun, like a surf lesson or adventure horse-riding and then returned home to lead the exciting energy in the bedroom.

2. Work out together.
Exercise not only gives you energy and makes you feel happy, it is very good for your sex life! Studies have consistently shown that people who exercise regularly are more aroused and enjoy sex more often than those who exercise infrequently. Do something physical together, like dancing, cycling or walking, sex drive will also be offered the opportunity to shower together when I get home.

3. Recap your sexiest rendezvous.
When you are bogged down by work, school and family obligations, your conversations with your love may begin to take a little sexy twist. Although he knows he has to make time to discuss issues of real life with your spouse, it will benefit your sex life to pause for a moment and move on: think again on a sexy date that had earlier their relationship and begin to describe (in detail!) to your partner. In addition, your mood will be increased and will transport you to a more carefree time in their lives.

4. Talk about your sex life and what is blocking your libido.
Talking about why you are not having sex may seem like the least sexy thing to do, but trust us, get past these obstacles is essential to a healthy romantic relationship. If you are angry because your partner does not help enough around the house, or because they feel like their goals are being met, it will affect your libido. Clean air will help to rebuild confidence and passion in your relationship.

5. Do what it takes to make The time for sex.
When life gets in the way of regular sex, you may just have to do a bit of time together. Finding a way to clear his schedule for an hour or two and be alone with your spouse. Hooky for an afternoon and getting a hotel room, hire a babysitter for the night, put the sex in the calendar so that you can look forward to the same or late for work one morning. Your work force for their relationship. You deserve it!

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