How to increase mobile battery life 2015 Effective tips!

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How to increase mobile battery life 2015 Effective tips!

Mobile phones are widely used in our daily lives as well as our besties! We use these gadgets how to connect with others to share our thoughts quickly and more! And today, smartphone manufactures are planning to work with its backup battery! Yes, as everyone knows that smartphones do not give much support if the use is more. For example, if you are browsing the web or play then the battery will run out soon! And if this happens, the battery life also gets lower.

If you are looking for some top tips to increase your battery life without having to spend any money to load, then you’ve come to the right page. To increase battery life, here I have some exclusive tips for you! Just follow these tips below which will definitely increase the battery life of your smartphone. Let’s jump!

Effective tips to increase the battery life of mobile

# 1. Minimize use: I know you’re a big nerd, so you will use the device for a long time! Anyway just try to minimize the use whenever the specific application is not required. You can simply uninstall instead of simple installed on your device. It will occupy space on board along it the battery power will be exhausted too! So try to minimize and remove these applications from your smartphone.

# 2 Low Brightness: By decreasing the brightness level, the smartphone consume less energy than is at full brightness. To increase battery life just change your default brightness level to a minimum or low as you can!

# 3 Connectivity: Without any order necessary, turn off your connectivity services. Includes data connection, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi too! Among those things, both 3G and 4G consumes a lot of energy. So trun out at a time of not uese! It will surely save the battery during long stand!

# 4 Using 3rd party applications: To increase the battery life can install some third party applications batteries to be notified excat consume the battery power. It is better that you Battery Doctor, one of the best applications to increase battery life. And this application is compatible with all major mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The best thing about this application, Battery Doctor will notify you with current and accurate level of power left!

# 5 Turn ohh location service: Some latest smart phone has this feature that allows users to send GPS location and other purposes. This is a good spec, but will consume lots of battery power. So try to turn it off when you do not need location services.

So these effective tips will help you increase your phone battery life! If you feel this post is good to be shared, then do not think about it! All you have to do and let your friends know about increasing the battery life! Do not share your ideas in the comments below! Bless you