How To Know He’s Falling In Love With You [5 Signs]

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iHaveBlog’s Guy Next Door tips you off to the dead giveaways

How To Know He's Falling In Love With You [5 Signs]

Men are not always the best at expressing our emotions. No we can not talk about our feelings, just not we stop to think about them very often. Emotion, especially the caramel things, is something like elevator music for us. It is played softly in the back of the head, but most of the time, we just listen.

That’s why I sympathize with any woman trying to figure out how a guy really feel. Most of the time, the type probably not even known. Sure, he was alone in the emotional lift this morning, but was too busy looking at his phone for updates on Twitter to notice what was coming out of the speakers.

But the ladies, there is hope. Because even if your guy does not immediately tell how much he adores you probably emitting signals that are falling for you. Here’s what to consider:

He Sends Stupid Text Messages
The more banal message, more love-drunk it. For example, if the texts to tell you that you are drinking a margarita or that he just saw a cat that looks like yours, which has been hit by Cupid’s bow. What really saying is, “I remember you said you like margaritas” and “I do not even care that your cat hates men.” He is also saying, “At this point I would like, and your cat bad, and I were all drinking margaritas together.”

He calls-Ever you
There are three reasons why men pick up the phone: (a) for work, (b) in case of emergency, or (c) to hear someone’s voice. And if you are not a coworker or a 911 operator, then it is his voice that interests you. That is a true sign of lurve.

He Stops Getting Quite so Many Texts From Others
Man Woman text only text them back, right? So if you stop texting, it means he did too. Or does it mean that he put his foot down. I once had a girl who kept texting me nonsense late at night after I had already started developing feelings for another girl. So I said to Mrs. Texty stop. Hey-that’s not an easy thing to do! You have to be very sure you want to exit the dating pool before draining completely.

He Asks for Style Advice
“What should I write in birthday card from my brother?” “These shoes look good with these pants?” “What color sweater should I buy for my dog?” These are all questions guys just wondering if they are drunk hormone of love.

You Hear His Buddies Giving Him a Hard Time
No one knows your child better than his friends. So listen: If you say something about how it was a turd of a wingman lately, or if they ask if he is out of place in the testes, which are not only being vulgar. They are really making astute observations about the subtle behavioral changes that may have not picked up on. So thanks to these knuckleheads because now you know your man putty in her hands.



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