How To Make You Healthier, Regardless Of Your Lifestyle

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How To Make You Healthier, Regardless Of Your Lifestyle

I was a sickly child and I hated it. I was healthy for the first year of my life when we lived on a farm in New York, but from the time he moved to Los Angeles when he was 13 months old, he was sick with debilitating asthma and allergies.

I started to pay attention to my health in my 20 years of age. Now, at 75 and very healthy, I can look back and see what has really changed things for me.

In the past 13 years, I’ve moved from Los Angeles to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and then to Durango, Colorado, and now live in Berthoud, Colorado. Every time I moved, I was suffering from some asthma and allergies – after being very healthy for many years.

Even though I’ve been eating, just clean fresh organic food – locally grown whenever possible – for 53 years, yet experienced these problems when moving.

These are some of the amazing things I’ve discovered.

1. Meet with raw honey, organic, locally.

Raw, organic honey, local – the honey that is produced by the hives found within 25 miles of where you live – works as a homeopathic remedy. As bees go from one plant to another, collecting pollen, shown in honey. Last year, after we moved to Berthoud, I was very allergic, and this year I have no allergies at all.

I found a wonderful beekeeper around the corner from us and I have been eating a spoonful of delicious raw organic honey a day, all year round. I did the same in Durango, with the same results! But I suffered a lot in Santa Fe, because I did not know about the importance of honey.

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2. Pay attention to your food and weather.

From the moment I moved to Santa Fe, I started having a mass of mucus in the throat that would not go away. Over time, it got worse and worse and when we moved to Berthoud, finally saw a wonderful naturopathic doctor who diagnosed the problem (traditional doctors were no help at all).

“When you moved to California, he needed to change his diet. You can not eat the same when you live in a climate that gets cold in the winter. Cold winter food affect the spleen, so now the spleen is doing his job and this is the cause of mucus. you can not eat cold food until the nights are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. this means no salads or cold smoothies in winter. All food must be heated “.

I was shocked! No salads! No shakes! These had been a daily part of my diet for years. But I followed your recommendations and stopped eating all the food cold until that summer. And it worked!

3. Moisturize frequently.

Dryness of New Mexico and Colorado, in front of Los Angeles, also exacerbated the problems. Asthma vanished as soon as I started drinking more water and humidify our home.

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4. Eat plenty of fermented foods.

As big as my health was for many years, I knew I could be better, but I was not sure what else to do. From what I knew of my research, I was eating very well. What was missing?

When I discovered that 80% of our immune system is in our gut and our modern lifestyle often decimates our beneficial intestinal flora, I added many fermented foods to my diet. In fact, I’ve become adept at making my own fermented foods – something I’ve come to enjoy greatly.

Although I’ve been away from antibiotics for many years, I learned that there are many other ways of our intestinal flora may become unbalanced. Since the addition of many fermented foods to my diet, my energy has skyrocketed!

5. Finding good fats!

As many of you know, for many years we were sold a bill of goods about fats. We now know that natural fats are very important for health – and to curb your appetite. I added a lot of good fats in my diet and I find that not only improve my energy, I still feel full longer.

Whether you want to eat is vegan, vegetarian, Paleo Paleo or modified following these five options will improve your health!

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