How To Make Your First Kiss More Memorable? [15 Tips]

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First kisses are a success or failure issue. If you want to have a memorable first kiss is full of sparks and burning passion, learn these 15 secrets..

How To Make Your First Kiss More Memorable [15 Tips]

A first kiss isn’t just a kiss.
It is a step towards intimacy, and yet it is a confusing issue that could go either way.
A first kiss could lead to many more perfect kisses.
Or it could be the end of a budding romance.

If you’ve shared a first kiss with someone special, you’d know the emotions associated with it.

Your heart starts to run, is confused and dizzy, and at the other end, you have no idea how to respond date.

What the kiss? Or the tongue so deep that would make you feel nauseous stick?

Why is the first kiss such a big deal?

A first kiss creates a relationship. It is a bonus that is sealed with a kiss. Literally!

You may not know this, but a first kiss can actually predict the chemical and sexual arousal both kissers. If both are excited to kiss and feel sexually attracted to each other, a first kiss is almost always perfect.

But if one of you is not ready for a kiss, although there is much sexual chemistry in the air, the whole experience of kisses could end in a fiasco.

First kisses are full of possibilities.

But it’s like taking a plunge into the dark waters.

There is no way that you can never tell what will happen unless you take the plunge.

The fall can be a mystery, but you can still turn the odds in your favor, making all the right moves before the kiss.

How to make your first kiss more memorable 

Even if you are an experienced kisser, a first kiss is always nervous, especially when you are about to kiss someone who means a lot to you first.

But do not worry too much about what could go wrong, instead of trying to heat your date to kiss. While you play it safe and take your time, you will see the potential right come through.

15 secrets to make your perfect first kiss

Keep these 15 secrets you need to know about first kisses in mind, and you really should have no problem to perfect that first kiss.

#1 Plan ahead. A first kiss ever shown to the right of nowhere. Even if it appears that a heat unplanned thing of the moment, the setting is created around each other is what gives you the opportunity.

The best time to kiss a date or a friend is when you’ve spent a good time with each other, either on a date or while watching a movie at home, since both give you enough time to warm toward each other . And most important, have to find a way to get some time alone, with no one around. Plan ahead so you can both get some time alone at the end of the date, whether in the car, a lonely park bench or in place.

#2 Build the sexual tension. Your date should want to kiss you again, or at least, you should know that the date could correspond to it before attempting to kiss. Try to sit near her date. It’s a great way to spend your sexual vibrations with them. And most importantly, speaking in a low, soft voice. Speaking softly is a natural twist. Talk about how wonderful it feels to spend time with this person, or talk about how nice it was the day.

#3 Avoid distractions. Distractions are the bane of first kisses. You would not believe the number of first kisses I’ve lost because of a cell phone ringing at the wrong time or a full bladder urine. Isolate yourself in the moment and make sure your date is not thinking about anything other than this beautiful moment with you.

# 4 Location. The location plays an important role in a first kiss. If you play your cards right, a first kiss could lead to much more in minutes. I remember the first time I tried to kiss a girl in front of her house. She had her eyes closed and was kissing me passionately and climbing all over me, but I could not help craning to see if anyone was walking beside us.

If people walking past that bothers you, kiss your date in a parking lot or in place. But be sure to keep the location in mind if you want to go beyond a first kiss.

#5 Hygiene. Bad breath ruins any chance of a first kiss. If you are planning to kiss her after a dinner date garlic-infused or long drive, make sure you pop a mint in your mouth. If you want to make your first kiss you feel sexier, drink a sip of water a few seconds before attempting to kiss your date. Makes your lips feel moist and more kissable.

#6 The right kind of touch. How to play her new lover while trying to accommodate them makes all the difference in a perfect first kiss. Date constantly ringing in your arms or play with your fingers. Let your date to feel comfortable with your touch, and even love.

And once you feel brave enough to go for the kiss, whisper in their ears from time to time or play with your hair. Nothing sends the signal out to kiss better than that.

#7 Help your date read your mind. If you have used all the advice so far and date reciprocates his touches to touch the back or close to you, you’ve done all the right things. So hooray for you!

Now you need to make your date know you want to kiss. Go near the face of its date, and wait for them to move closer to you. If all goes well, you will be kissing your date and making them at any time.

But if the date is not closer to kiss you, no matter. You need to create other ways to sexually arouse. Go near them and place your hand on your cheek or lips graze his cheek, near his lips. If the date of closing its eyes to enjoy the feeling, which are obviously ready for the kiss. But if time is what you need, you still get corny until they get too weak at the knees to resist more.

#8 Take it really slow. Once you start kissing her date for the first time, do not be swayed and be aggressive instantly. Feel your lips gently touch his own time and spend a few seconds trying to understand who has the upper lip or having lower lip. Trust me, that a thing can only lead to confusion if you’re already accustomed to a particular type of kiss. Improvise your kissing style while the latter is spread over.

#9 Using your tongue. Do not use your tongue immediately as soon as you start to kiss your date for the first time, but also keeps it hidden. Slip your tongue just a little to touch the lips of her date with her tongue. If reciprocity, you’re doing it right. Beyond the first thirty seconds or so, it’s okay to get bold and explore a bit more, very quietly, of course!

# 10 learn to keep your hands busy. Once you have your lips busy, what do you do with your hands? To begin, place your hands on the sides or back of the couple kissing. To convert the passion, you can run a hand through his hair date or move along the neck.

For bolder, place your hands on the sides of your partner and move along the sides of the body, inches from strategic locations. If all goes well, the hands should be very crowded in no time!

# 11 How long should a first kiss last? First kisses are not measured in seconds. They are measured in moments of passion. A perfect kiss is just a kiss, is a series of timely first kisses. Kiss your date for a few seconds, and move your head back slowly, but keep it within a few inches from the face of your date. It makes you feel more in control, and you will be able to read the expression on his date as well.

If the date back, you have to wait. If you get close and start to kiss again, like what they’re doing.

But what I suggest is to move your backside a bit after several seconds, and reach for another kiss within one or two seconds. This shows that you want to kiss, so it will not leave your date wondering if you’re not interested in the kiss. By taking occasional breaks and comes in a kiss again, you will be able to increase passion and make your date wants your kisses even more.

# 12 Vary kissing. Start with a gentle kiss, and follow with another soft kiss. But once you begin to frequent kisses, vary the pace and pressure of kisses. Push your date aggressively once, and immediately thereafter, gently kiss your date again. That will leave your date confused in a passionate frenzy of kissing, and will start to get wild and aggressive too!

# 13 Do not stop at the lips. A kiss can start on the lips, but could end up elsewhere. After a few minutes of intense kissing, stalling the game by restricting your kisses lips only. Occasionally, kissing the cheek of his date, chin or neck amid all the kisses on the lips. Gives you access to more places and makes the experience much more sizzle.

# 14 do not push it. Do not try too hard to get to many places too soon. If the first kiss goes well, you know definitely be many more events with many more kisses too. So unless you are sure of the date that liked the hands will not try to reach many places. Perfect first kiss and create a memorable first experience. Let his hands roam pants date is later.

# 15 See the signs. Learn when to back off. If the date of the stronger, is rapidly moving away or seems distracted while kissing, moving his head back a few inches.

Do not kill the mood by asking your date why are distracted. Just stay close to your face and focus on the neck or ears. If the date has something to say, they will say it. If they say nothing, go back to the puckering lips and another long series of sexy first kisses.

These 15 secrets on how to make your perfect first kiss is all you need to enjoy a great first kiss with someone special. Keep these tips in mind, and use them in a timely manner. You will realize how easy kissed for the first time can be once you master these secrets.