How To Prevent Sports Bra Chafing (The Definitive Guide)

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Stop rubbing in all the wrong places.

How To Prevent Sports Bra Chafing (The Definitive Guide)

While I’m sitting here writing, I have two large tattoos marathon bra chafing winning my last long run, because I forgot to pre-lubrication. Even if you have the best sports bra, the probability that the brush is still very strong due to moisture and salt from sweat and the duration of their careers.

I have yet to find a bra that is totally chafe-free for long runs, but can reduce some of the friction if you get a custom fit at a local store for runners. Proper adjustment can make a world of difference. Although I am a big supporter of the tape (have you seen all the cute colors and patterns is now?) There are some other options before you start DIY-ing.

Body Glide is a great product to prevent chafing life. It is easy to apply before the race and comes in sizes portable to take with you in the race. Be sure to apply just before the race and cover every inch of skin touches bra. Just when you think you’ve properly lubricated, a cold shower after the race instantly alerts you to places you missed on the back! Reapply throughout the race in areas of high chafing around the band and looks. Although Body Glide reduces friction, which is a thin layer that can fade, especially on long runs and hot, humid weather. There is also a new product called Body Glide Balm Skin protection from it ($ 8 bodyglide.com) developed for sensitive areas such as the bra line.

If you already have a sensitive spot, protect it with a product like healing bandage pad Advanced Healing Gel ($ 5.49, walgreens.com). It forms a seal on the skin, it is padded and water resistant, and protects the irritated area. It is also useful to apply these bandages in high wear areas to prevent chafing for long runs.

Another strategy that may be useful is operating styles toggle fasteners. If you do, wear patterns alternate on your skin and avoid aggravating the same areas of each race. The key is prevention: the high risk Lube chafing spots generously and reapply as it runs, especially long runs hot.

Ladies, do you have any other ideas for preventing marathon tattoo?

Jenny Hadfield is a certified personal trainer and coach with a BA in Education and Health Promotion and a Masters in Exercise Science. She writes the popular Ask Coach Jenny runnersworld.com column and is the co-author of Execution of mortals and Marathoning for Mortals book series.



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