How To Set Boundaries (Even If You Think You Can’t)

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How To Set Boundaries (Even If You Think You Can't)

Leaving my marriage and wholeheartedly the decision not to return felt like what I imagine it might feel like leaving a cult.

As my mind began to clear, and how my habits of reactivity and walking on egg shells began to fall and loose, setting limits became easier.

The months that followed were a blur. I filed for divorce, he met with lawyers, went through a painfully long mediation, reached an agreement, and I have the decree of dissolution.

During that time, my husband and I never spoke or saw his neighbor. Finally I was able to draw a border – and keep it. Having put my own limits, for the first time and was not reacting or responding to someone else. Suddenly I was able to act from a light clean. It was incredible.

But while I felt stronger in some ways, I also felt like a young foal trying to walk for the first time, which is appropriate, since it was made of birth of a new identity.

So, cheer up! When setting new limits, you may at first feel as if you have a new pair of legs. You may feel out of balance, but it will not last forever. Yes, it can be very frightening to operate from a place of what you want, especially when you are a complacent people like me.

As children, we learn to respond in a way that brings the less stress and problems, and that often means let us be moved by the desires and needs of others. But as adults, we must learn to overcome our ingrained fears and make clear decisions. Most of us have an internal dialogue that tells us we are not enough, we are not loved.

Refusing to set healthy boundaries is one of the main ways we express that belief. If we want to live a full life, however, we have to let go of the belief that the needs and opinions of others are more important or valid than ours. We have to stop taking it personally when someone disagrees with us. We have to stop believing that if we disagree with someone or ask for what we want, we will end up alone and unloved.

Most of us do not know how to set limits. We are taught to put others ahead of ourselves. (This is especially true for women, but there are plenty of men who have the same number.)

During a workshop I heard Cheryl Richardson said something that stuck with me: “If I spend my life friendly people, I spend my life.”

Until that moment I realized I had no boundaries, no doubt he had been wasting my life. I was emotionally bankrupt when I finally woke up.

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When you start putting limits, remember that every time you set up a healthy limit, you say “yes” to more freedom. Take a deep breath, and commit ourselves once again to have the courage to jump into your future. This exercise will help you to start small and start acting from a light clean.

Your New Self-Love Map: Setting Your Boundaries:

1 Make a list of what you want, but do not yet have, in different areas of your life.

Be sure to include working life, home life, relationships, health, finances, spiritual path, and any other areas that are important to you.

2. Make a list of what you will never again tolerate in your life.

For me, this list includes threats and demands of my husband and my own need to overachieve.

3. How would you like to strengthen borders in different areas of your life?

I want to strengthen my boundaries around health by ___________.
I want to strengthen my boundaries around finances by ___________.
I want to strengthen my boundaries around relationships ___________.
I want to strengthen my boundaries around fun by ___________.
I want to strengthen my boundaries around ________ in ___________.
4. Choose three of these limits you are willing to put in different areas of your life this week.

Commit to making these changes. In some cases, you might have to declare its boundary to another person, such as “I will not pick you up from work every day.” In other cases, you may just take a different action to fix its limit.

The three limits put this week are:

5. If you care for another person’s reaction to a limit that you have set, speak your mind to be top of the person requesting the understanding, reason and compassion.

Then offer it to this guy when you declare your limit. If you can stay calm, it will be easier for the other person to stay calm, too. Practice what you will say in the mirror or a trusted friend, if necessary, in order to maintain his composure.

6 If necessary, set a boundary with an adult who depends on you, the display can help.

After one of my presentations, a woman approached me and told me that she would never be able to leave her husband because he can not live without it. You can believe that, but your belief does not make it true.

If you need to set a boundary with an adult who is dependent on you, try to visualize it has an invisible thread that connects the solar plexus (the flat area in the center of the torso, between the lower ribs) with the solar plexus this person.

Imagine what it would be like to cut that thread, and visualize placing your loved one in the arms of his / her higher. It’s scary? Do you feel like you’re abandoning him / her?

If you have an attachment to another person who is dysfunctional, this exercise is a way you can start withdrawing from such attachment, so that both can grow into independent people who are destined to be.


We’re making an attempt laborious to make higher relationships within the world.
But we tend to can’t have a go at it without YOU!

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