How To Take Better Care Of Yourself, No Matter How Busy You Are

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How To Take Better Care Of Yourself, No Matter How Busy You Are

We all need to remember the importance of practicing self-care. There are many rituals that give us the tools we need grounded when life gets stressful, our immune system breakdown, or who just need a little perspective.

As yoga teachers we spend a lot of time taking care of others, so it is important to remember that we care about ourselves too. In the best interest of our students (and ourselves!) There are simple strategies we can put in place to help ensure we are healthy, stable, strong and ready to teach.

But if you are a yoga teacher or not, these strategies can be applied to anyone. Here are four steps to cultivate a journey of self-care that will raise, train and give life to all aspects of your life – yoga teacher to counter or even CEO.

1. Your best is good enough.

Adopt this mantra and whenever you feel doubt, stress or fear – softly repeating to himself: “My best is enough.”

Life Changes and changes, some days flow smoothly throughout the rest of the days, our lives can be caught in the unexpected. Our job is not to reinvent the wheel every time you teach yoga. Our job is to simply let the yoga speak for itself. Prepare your footage, carefully consider your topic and shares from a present, honest place, and their students will thrive. And when in doubt, say to yourself: “My best is enough.”

2. Practice self-compassion.

Three times per week, incorporating a loving kindness meditation in their personal practice. Loving-kindness helps to develop compassion, relieve stress, and create the connection. If this is a new meditation for you, set aside 15 minutes. Call to mind someone you love, someone you feel neutral about, and then himself. Spend five minutes sending the following sentences for each person: “May you be safe, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you live with ease.”

At first you may find it difficult to send these compassionate phrases yourself, but keep coming back to the phrases and trust that the more you are able to take care of yourself, the more you will be able to take care of their students.

3. Create a support team.

Consider creating a support system that helps you stay balanced, healthy and grounded. This could include a body worker and energy healer, acupuncturist, and possibly a therapist or life coach. We all need a voice out of our heads and beyond our immediate circle of friends and loved ones who may be sounding boards to help us cultivate perspective.

These are the people who can not help reveal patterns, habits, or barriers that once healed will help us grow as students and teachers are.

4. Remember the difference between good and evil.

When we say that we have had a “good” practice yoga or class, we lose the opportunity to express the finest of what made the practice uplifting, powerful, and insightful details. When we say that we have had a “bad” practice, we miss the opportunity to explore expectations, preconceived ideas and concepts of comparison that could have interfered with the process in question.

What if instead of using the labels of “good” and “bad”, we invited ourselves into a deeper conversation about the roadblocks, progress and details that occurred during practice or particular class ?

Take the next few days and remove the good and bad words from your vocabulary. Instead of simplifying their experience limited to these concepts, try to express the details of what you experienced. This can apply to a yoga practice, one day in all a particular conversation or even a meal. Look closely at how your practice is a reflection of the work you are doing on and off the mat, to create a powerful life, sense of connectedness, integrity, and presence.

Use these steps to spread the love shared in class to your own life. Know that your personal well-being is a foundation of their relationships and career grow. Taking the first care of yourself will only help you take better care of the world.



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