How You Can Use Your Computer’s Hard Disk as RAM

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Not only can increase your USB / Flash Drives Pen drives or to create a virtual memory (RAM), but you can use the hard disk or SSD also to create virtual memory. It is good and very easy to do not cause any damage to your hard drive as well. Which it is a good choice for you to add something extra to your PC or laptop memory without having to spend a little extra money.

How You Can Use Your Computer's Hard Disk as RAM

you can add additional RAM or hard disk can be used as RAM to increase performance computers or laptops. It is good and inexpensive way to add a little extra to their computers or portable memory. The processing speed of any task depends on the random access memory (RAM). RAM is used to store temporary data that is processed by a computer or laptop in your CPU.

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How You Can Use Your Computer's Hard Disk as RAMThe Full Process in video: