No, Bras Will NOT Up Your Risk of Breast Cancer

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Let’s put this rumor to rest for good.

No, Bras Will NOT Up Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Over the years, all kinds of theories that try to explain the prevalence of breast cancer have appeared. Contraceptive, antiperspirants, pills breast size even been linked to increased risk of the disease at some time, with little or mixed evidence behind them.

Now, thanks to a new study, a long-standing rumor can finally be laid to rest. Researchers writing in the journal Cancer Epidemiology: Biomarkers & Prevention found no evidence that the use of a bra contributes to breast cancer.

The connection between the two apparently occurred due to research published in 1991 found a weak relationship between the rates of resistant bra and cancer. Although correlation does not equal causation, the news reached important work in the media; Experts theorized that bras can block the draining lymph nodes, and this could lead to tumors. With the rumor is still there, the researchers decided to study and investigate whether bras had nothing to do with breast cancer.

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They evaluated 1,044 postmenopausal women who had been diagnosed with one of two types of the disease between 2000 and 2004, compared with 469 postmenopausal women without breast cancer. They consult all study participants about their habits resistant bra and asked them about their family history of breast cancer and other health personnel and demographic information.

Results: No association was found between the fasteners and the risk of breast cancer. “In particular, the risk did not vary by duration of daily wear a bra, the age at which women started wearing a bra size cup, or if women wore a bra with an underwire,” the research team, they wrote.

The facts are in, and it seems fairly safe to consider her bra to be an undergarment (although sometimes itchy) safe that keeps your breasts in place-not a lethal device that can cut your life short.

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