Self-Confidence: The Secret To Better Sex

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Be proud of the woman you are, and others will start to take notice

Self-Confidence The Secret To Better Sex

It is confidence in a woman sexy? For a man who is trusted. It is a wonderful aphrodisiac. A confident woman radiates inner strength and independence, qualities that successful men find attractive, especially when combined with femininity. As a general rule, women love men who have confidence mixed with humility and men love women with confidence mixed with femininity.

“The real secret to the total gorgeousness is to believe in yourself, have confidence in yourself and try to be secure in your decisions and thoughts,” says Kirsten Dunst, the German-American actress known for her role in Spider Man trilogy.

U see it all the time: that person-average looking at a dinner celebrating the conversation and chat with the hottest boys or girls. What does this person do so immediately attractive? Self confidence is the core. Both men and women find it sexy.

Why is confidence so attractive? When you are sure, you have three ingredients that attract people to you: the art of good conversation, the feeling of being important and in control, and a focus on others. When talking openly and honestly with sensitivity, you become a magnetic force immediately. Confident women who keep the attention of an entire audience are not necessarily the prettiest or smartest women. They are those who have the inner strength.

The good news is that there is a simple step by step approach for the development of self-esteem. This technique of building confidence has helped countless numbers of my clients. It was a success with elite athletes, children of high school, business executives, almost everyone has done. If you take these steps exactly as recommended, you should start to notice a difference in the first 10 days.

Step 1: Remember that once he was sure. It can be from childhood, adolescence or even adulthood. You can refer to the academic, social activity, a game, athletics, a hobby, anything that made ​​you feel good. No matter what I was doing, just trust it to do so.

Step 2: Record a Memory trust in a newspaper or magazine. Include details of the situation, such as the way you thought, felt and acted. Write as much detail as possible about how you experienced that trust. Continue until you experience the feeling, if only a little. Some of you feel the urgency of time, while others may only take a little. As long as you bring back some of that feeling of confidence, the part of the brain that knows how to be confident is stimulated. The more you do, the bigger and stronger your trust in your neural network brain becomes.

Neuroscience shows that we “neurogenesis”, which means we can form new neurons in our brain and “neuroplasticity.” This means that we can change the way neurons connect, creating a new thought and emotional patterns. Re-experiencing memories confident trust reinforces the neural networks of your brain.



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