What It’s Really Like to Work Out With Big Boobs

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What It's Really Like to Work Out With Big Boobs

You think you know, but you have no idea.

Men. About 99 percent of them think that a woman who has a big one in the chest has just gotta love all day, all the time, period. How could she not?! It is so … Jessica Rabbit! Now, do not get me wrong, big tatas can be fabulous. Depending on how big they are, you can use ’em to fill that perfect wedding of the sister of his best friend or, erm, you can do one of a zillion other fun things with her ​​feminine curves dress.

But do you have any idea what it’s really like working with big boobs? Yeah, guess what, guys: It’s not exactly a walk in the park. In case you did not notice (spoiler alert: we know you did), there are plenty of things there to keep locked. Wrapped. In one place. Running with everything generosity rebound? Only other discomfort in the days when a woman does not really feel like running at all in the first place.

Are you a woman with large breasts can totally relate? So laugh along with us as we explain what it’s really like to work with big tits:

Stage 1:
The first second you consider working out, you immediately feel short of breath just thinking about those tie the Kahunas.


Stage 2:
Reflecting on the constant questioning “This is a two-sport-bras-at-once kind of day?” – Send out a major sigh.


Stage 3:
After going two (which just feels safer, right?), You feel like a kind of sausage with his girls smooshed in a holding cell.


Step 4:
While you are waiting you look strong and supportive, as well …



Stage 5:
…You really just want to rip the thing off and break free from sports bra-induced uniboob.

Stage 6:
…And then they start bouncing.



Stage 7:
…And you feel like you might resemble this bird:



Step 8:
Until … do not get enough in their training to forget the mild pain that comes along with carrying two bowling balls on her chest.


Stage 9:
Alas, another workout done, another victory. (Insert victory dance here.)

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