The 18 Types Of Roommates You Will Encounter This Year

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The 18 Types Of Roommates You Will Encounter This Year

Do not try to fight it. Has at least one of the people below, and so is his new roommate. Whether your own roommate or friends – that certainly comes through, or hear about these 18 types of people. Being in close quarters with anyone can be frustrating, so this is what you should plan to wait this year.

1. The clean freak

They’re handy to have around, but also a bit of a nightmare when you actually wanted to leave that half eaten bowl of pasta on the couch.

2. The obsessed gamer

They may wear headphones but their frustrated and elated reactions to shooting everyone will seep into the calm of the room. Awesome.

3. The night owl

Don’t expect to get much sleep this year if you’re landed with a night owl. For them 3am is the new 9am so get used to night time noise and light if you want to survive.

4. The passive aggressive note-writer

Not matter what you do, if it annoys them you will receive one of these notes. Try to avoiding: leaving time on the microwave, not draining the sink and basically anything that will annoy anyone – or carry on and watch the world burn.

5. The last minute maniac

This is probably a product of number 17. and no matter how much they try to plan ahead, come 3am of deadline day they will be jacked up on coffee and typing nonsense.

6. The phantom

You may think you have a roommate, but their expert stealth skills mean you’ll probably never see them. But hey, at least you can get some sleep?

7. The borrower

And when we say ‘borrow’ we mean ‘steal and never give back’. Don’t be shocked to see them wearing your clothes and using all your stuff. Good luck with that.

8. The daddy’s girl/mommy’s boy

Prepare to overhear plenty of homesick sobs, or visits from the over-bearing parents. Though this can be a great thing if said parents always bring treats.

9. The party animal

If you’re not much of a partier, this will be very annoying – maybe sleep with earplugs so as not to be woken up at 4am to the sound of vomiting and their clumsy pilgrimage to bed.

10. The bookworm

If this is a feat that you don’t share, expect constant groans of annoyance at the smallest noise to disturb the room’s library-like silence.

11. The chilled one

It may be something they smoke or they might just be incredibly laid back – either way, this year could be interesting for you (especially if you’re number 1. or 4.).

12. The nag

Be scared of this person if you’re a bit of a number 6. because they will be on your case, like ALL the time.

13. The one with the broken volume switch

You might want to spend your life in the library if you plan on graduating. Get a good few miles of distance in order to escape their ground-shaking voice. Oh, and you’ll always know when they’re nearby.

14. The professional cook

It might be a form of procrastination, or perhaps they are just super obsessed with food – either way you will benefit wonderfully.

15. The vampire

Maybe invest in a flash light, ‘cos your room will be a pit of darkness when they’re home. Expect them to weld the curtains shut and sabotage the light fixture to ensure that no one interrupts their pitch-black environment.

16. The slob

Expect gastronomic experiments hidden in elaborate places (under beds, in wardrobes, under piles of books) and learn to enjoy the delightful smell of rotting food. Mmmm.

17. The extreme procrastinator

Speaking from experience, this person will literally do anything to avoid doing work. Be it creating an elaborate meal, prematurely designing their Halloween costume or learning the lyrics to a very long and difficult rap.

18. The mom

They may be part number 11, 4 and 1, but their heart is in the right place. Instead of getting frustrated, just enjoy all the baked goods and treats they’ll probably provide.

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