The One Move That Works Your Butt, Hips and Belly

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Trainers, yoga teachers, and pilates instructors love it—and you will too.

The One Move That Works Your Butt Hips and Belly

Even if you do not know the bridge by name, bet you’re familiar with the pose. This resistance movement is popular among fitness trainers and yoga instructors and pilates because it is simple but strengthens your entire midsection. It is a chain exercise involving the abdominal muscles, but still offers more benefits for your glutes, hips and lower back, Garson says Grant, head coach at Chelsea Piers in New York. The bridge builds muscle, increases flexibility, and can also be easily incorporated into any routine. (Grant like as a warm up too). This is the basic position, plus a few advanced turns. To begin with, in order of three sets of 15-20 repetitions.

basic Bridge
(Pictured above)
Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor hip width, arms relaxed at your sides. Lift your buttocks off the floor, pushing with heels, so that his body looks like a straight line from knees to shoulders line. Squeeze your glutes and abs, hold for two seconds, then take three seconds slowly lower back to the floor to start. “Make sure you are extending your hips, not your back, and you are not pushing your shoulders so they come in closer to your ears,” says Grant.

Alteration: Hands-Up Bridge
Get in the basic position of the bridge, but this time make the move with your hands directly into the air; forces you to engage your abs and glutes more.

Alteration: Unilateral Bridge
Back to the basic position of the bridge, but this time to raise one knee towards your chest and extend all the way out, then start lifting the buttocks from the ground like a basic bridge. Working the muscles on one side of the body helps to insulate and make them stronger.



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