These 11 Creative Ideas Can Boost Your Sex Life

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Boost Your Sex Life With These Creative Ideas

11 Things You Should Definitely Put On Your Sex Bucket List

These 11 Creative Ideas Can Boost Your Sex Life


Could your sex life use a boost? It is normal for people in long term relationships feel like things have gotten a little (or a lot) … stale. But I just mix it up a bit can be all it takes to rekindle the spark, says Ellen Barnard, sexuality educator and owner of Madison, WI Touch charm of a woman. Shake things up starting a list with all the sexy situations you want to test (we are serious). Feel free to steal the following 11 key ideas are guaranteed to increase your sexual life and the connection between you and your partner. Now, how fast you can check them all out?

Having “Just Because” Sex
There is always a chance for sex is needed; do “because” you can mostly boost their confidence in the long term, says Tammy Nelson, PhD, author of The New Monogamy: redefine their relationship after infidelity. So instead of waiting for Saturday night or when the kids are out, jump at this time. Need a little motivation? Sex is a great way to get rid of tension and let go of the stress of a busy day, says Nelson. In addition, sex begets sex: Once you start having romps spur-of-the-moment, you will feel more like a habit. That is reason enough to reconsider their plans Monday night television usual reason.

Take “LOL” Sex
Bring a sense of fun in the bedroom is the key to a healthy sex life. So try something that may seem a little silly at first, and give your partner an erotic dance or have him guess what song you’re humming during oral sex. It is not perfect a new movement or pretend that you’re starring in a porno: This is fun together. While you’re comfortable being silly and having a sense of adventure, you will come even closer, even if the technique you tried was not exactly a winner.

Have “Sense-ational” Sex
Blindfolds, noise canceling headphones completely remaining silent as their partner has his way with you … omitting a sense can allow your other senses to work overtime, creating an OMG experience for both. Try it, then switch roles so that your partner has a chance.

Having “Everything but” Sex
Remember that intense feeling that extend for hours, but go no further? Experts agree that the intensity of kissing and touching can get lost in long-term relationships, when it is easy to focus on the main event. So this time, the prohibition of sex and focus on everything that comes before. You will be surprised how warm it can get even without the final.

We “We might get caught” Sex
No, we are not suggesting that you go about it in a restaurant bathroom or plane (just think of the germs anything-but-sexy). This is going a little out of your comfort zone as open or maintain contact with curtains in the living room when no one. Although it is known that the odds of anyone walking where they are scarce, the news that your adrenaline will kick into overdrive and lead to a more intense experience, says Barnard.

Have “The Couch/Coffee Table/Washing Machine Will Never Be The Same” Sex

These 11 Creative Ideas Can Boost Your Sex Life1

Yes, your bed is more than comfortable, but having sex outside the bedroom adds an extra layer of urgency that can not be discounted. When you have the house to yourself, try somewhere that you’ve never done. You may just find that the dining table has some amazing features that never imagined when I saw in the showroom.

Have “all day” Sex
Sexting is not just for college students, and you do not have to use any words that will make you blush. You start early in the morning by text messages to let your partner know how hot looked after exiting the shower or the illusion that you are both have the house for you tonight. “The golden rule for sexy text messages is that if someone happened to see your screen would not be upset they’d just be jealous of their relationship,” says Aline Zoldbrod, PhD, a certified sex therapist based in Boston. Try it and see how fast you are at the end of the day.

Have “Better than dessert” Sex
The best sex electrifies the senses, so why not add a sweet in the mix? But do not bust out the whipped cream bikini (we’re with you if that thought alone made you turn purple). Less is more, and it is essential to keep things sweet away from your genitals (which can cause a less-than-sexy infection.) Instead, try a drizzle of honey or maple syrup nipples or abdomen and your partner Lick It off, Barnard suggests.

Have “Slippery” Sex

These 11 Creative Ideas Can Boost Your Sex Life2

Sex shower can be very hot if you do it right. First, put lubricant in the shower before starting recommends Emily Morse, an expert in sex and the reception of Sex podcast with Emily, since water can actually dry your nether regions. Start by having your partner slowly soap up, then do the same. When the two are lathered up, perform the lubricant and start the action before rinsing.

Have “page turning” Sex
Regardless of how you feel about Fifty Shades of Grey, the phenomenon has created a wave of erotic literature, and much of it is surprisingly sexy. Try reading stories to each other; Irresistible: Erotic Romance Rachel Kramer Bussel Young is a great choice because it contains stories that can be read easily at bedtime. Not only will it get you in the mood, but can also help on conversations about the things you love so much to try in real life.

Have “Remember When” Sex
Part of the advantage of being in a long-term relationship is the fact that you already have a lot of memories hot as a result both belt-and put them to good use! Think back to some of the hottest getaways, and narrate each other. You’ll be inspired to start their greatest hits, and you will have a fun time trying.



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