What Single Men Are Looking for in a Relationship [Top 4 Things]

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You might be looking for these exact same qualities.

What Single Men Are Looking for in a Relationship [Top 4 Things]

If you are single and wondering what the hell eligible men are really looking for in a partner, we have good news: It’s probably much simpler than you think.

For single National Week (yes, that’s one thing), Match.com unearthed some statistics of its 2,013 American Singles Survey, which asked more than 5,000 singles about what they are looking for these days. Contrary to popular belief, looks not top the charts. In fact, you will be when asked what “must have” in a relationship, 98 percent of men said someone who treats them with respect, 97 percent said someone they can trust and rely, 95 percent said someone comfortable to communicate their wants and needs, and 91 percent said someone with a sense of humor that can make you laugh.

These four attributes beat “is physically attractive to me,” that 89 percent of men wanted. So yes, an attraction remains crucial, but even more, single men are interested in the deeper qualities.

Oh, and for you powers who think men feel intimidated by her success, which may not be the case. It turns out that single men are not afraid,, intellectuals educated career women. A whopping 90 percent of men who go out with someone who made more money than them, 86 percent said they would date someone with a higher education, and 87 percent said they would date someone smarter than them.

So next time you’re on a date I really could not expect more, keep all these encouraging statistics in mind. There are great men, eligible out there who are looking for the same things you are.



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