What’s the Best Workout to Blast Cellulite? [Q&A]

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Crucial info just in time for short-shorts season

What's the Best Workout to Blast Cellulite [Q&A]

The question: What can I do to get rid of my cellulite—or at least make it less visible?

The expert: Garson Grant, master trainer at Chelsea Piers in New York City

The answer: The fact is that no training in the world that magically makes cellulite take a permanent hike (sorry-not shoot the messenger!). Cellulite is fat that pushes against the connective tissue beneath the skin, usually in the ass and thighs, making these areas appear bumpy and wrinkled. How have much depends on genetics. But overall, the less fat you have, the less thrust and puckering there-and the less visible cellulite is, says Grant.

With this in mind, the trick to reduce or what is less obvious is to start doing a workout that burns a lot of calories so you reduce body fat. The most effective way, says Grant, is an interval training workout in which short bursts of intense activity is done, check below for a few minutes for a brief rest period, then the ramp again and again.

“Interval training keeps your metabolism high, while you are working out and then later, too, so that you burn fat even at rest,” says Grant. “It’s like when you’re driving in traffic and is in constant acceleration and then break. That burns more fuel than if you were driving steadily. The stopping and starting of interval sessions have the same effect when it comes to burning calories. ”

Best of interval training is that you can do anywhere, and no equipment or machinery is needed. A routine 20-minute incorporating a three-minute bursts old school moves like burpees, jumping, squatting, or jumping rope, followed by a minute of rest, is all you need. Keep your calorie intake exceeding their daily limit, and within a few weeks, you’ll notice a thin shape and wrinkle and cellulite dimples should shrink and become less obvious, says Grant.