When It’s OK To Be Angry & Annoyed

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When It's OK To Be Angry & Annoyed

I guess since I landed here on MindBodyGreen, you really enjoy being healthy and having a positive attitude towards life.

I’m there with you. It feels good to keep our eyes on the pot of gold gives us daily life instead of focusing on the lack of any kind, right?

Let’s face it, though: we all have days where life seems challenging is piled on top of another until the idea of being positive and upbeat feel completely out of reach.

You know, the days when hearing the words “just let it go …” fury of the nerves and opens further agitation. In those times, a feeling of unmitigated nuisance can rear its ugly head, and before we knew it, we apologize for spreading hurtful things we have said to the people we love.

We are human. It happens.

Instead of pretending that the anger is not there trying to be perfect and positive all the time, I found it useful to let me feel the wrath. The key is not taking any further action. Usually spends a heck of a lot faster this way.

In those times not so happy when I wanted to vent I’ve become a three-minute quick fix that can actually be fun; especially when you are with someone who has a great sense of humor.

Of course, yoga, meditation, and jogging are all great options. This is reserved for the times you just need to vent and move on. So you can see the golden nugget to come out of the situation.

It’s a good old fashioned bitch fest … with a twist.

This is not a bitch sesh continued for three hours, because it can be depressing, draining and counterproductive. This is just a quick release. That is precisely why I came up with some settings before.


First, a little backstory for you. In fact, I came across this solution when my husband was having a doozy of a day’s work. One after another piled fire and quite frankly, I had had enough.

So I asked if he just wanted to complain. I realized I had to let go of all the emotions that rise to the surface. With that single act of encouragement to let go, he did just that. He swore, using every curse word out there and ranted without any filter. Which, as you can imagine, it was pretty fun to watch, and by the end of the three minutes we were both laughing hysterically.

The advantage is that rapidly gained a new perspective. In fact, occurred much faster than if he had let the stew emotions inside, or worse, buried. He allowed the energy to move through it, and that led to freedom.

Now, before going any further I want to make clear that it is important to do this with someone who does not take it personally. She should be comfortable holding space for you to get his curse, as you let go of your frustration. I also recommend this book for those times when you just need to download, but not so it is a daily occurrence.


If you stick to these agreements are likely to be both effective and fun.

1 Set a timer (this is big) for three minutes at most! This way you do not get any negative Nelly and trapped in the drama.

2 No insults or insulting the person who is kind enough to keep this space for you. Because that would be so lame and pointless.

3 Once the timer is up, it actually stops talking. BAM.

4 After taking a few deep breaths, the other person asks, “What is that three positive results in the situation that you were upset?” (This is where the gold nugget discovered!)

That’s it. You had your time, ventilated, probably swore a lot and had the opportunity to let go of the energy that made my blood boil. Hopefully he still had a few laughs at the end.

The point of this is to fully feel and release their feelings, so they can move to a more positive and productive state of being.

I hope you find this information on the days you need a good press, a dose of entertainment and maybe even a few laughs helpful. It might just loosen your grip a little and give you the opportunity to not take life so seriously. We all have our days.

So give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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