Which Sex Position Should You Actually Try Tonight?

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It’s basically a pick-your-own-adventure for your sex life.

Which Sex Position Should You Actually Try Tonight

You are exhausted, further, or are short of time, or you’re having sex with someone for the first time, whatever the situation, there is a perfect sex position. Read on for the seriously perfect positions for almost any scenario.

You’re feeling romantic

If you’re feeling the love, the spider monkey sex movement, known as wrapped gift is your best bet for a serious dose of privacy. Get up close and personal by facing each other side by side and wrapping her arms and legs around him. Then, use your legs to pull him close and super extra-deep. If you want to get really cute, hug for 20 seconds before starting to work. Hugging each other increases oxytocin levels their bodies, increasing their trust and can make sex even more caramel in the best shape possible.

You’re Exhausted


Hey, sometimes sex can be a lot of work after a long day of, um, working. But the Quicker Picker Upper might change your mind. This move doesn’t require much labor on your part but feels freaking amazing. Lay on your back with a pillow under the small of your back or your butt to so he can go deep without any actual effort coming from you. Then relax and caress his back while he does most of the work this time.

You’re short on time

You left work late and now you have to run to dinner with friends, but you still have time for sex. Pull your partner in the hall and try ballet dancer by wrapping a leg around him (or throwing it over your shoulder if you’re super-articulated), then he has to go while standing. This move allows both take turns being in charge of the drive, so you can get both an epic end in a hurry.

It’s Your Birthday


It’s your damn birthday, and you’ll get some oral if you want to. As the birthday queen, it’s pretty fitting that this one is called Heir to the Throne. From this angle, your partner can add in manual stimulation to the front wall of your vagina while applying pressure on your pelvic bone for an even more intense orgasm. Plus, it’s not a bad view from up there.

You are looking for a challenge

Sometimes, we all just want to be a bit weird. When those moments happen, take advantage of testing some crazy, how-is-that-even-possible moves as the Snow Angel. This position is extremely difficult, but worth it might be difficult to get into, but once you’re there it’s going to be hot. Once you’re in the missionary position backwards, wrapping her legs around him and grab his butt to help you slide back and forth. Ready for more? Change positions so you’re on top and back.

You’re Both Feeling Lazy


Having sex while sleepy is definitely doable. In fact, Spoon-style sex was practically made for getting physical and then passing out immediately after. Just get into the best snuggling position, with you as the little spoon, and have him enter you from behind. Bonus: One of his hands is free to caress your erogenous zones like your breasts and clitoris. Sleep tight!

You’ve Got Nothing Else To Do Tonight


When you’ve got tons of time to spare and your DVR is finally empty, it’s the perfect time to try an amazing, slow-building, mind-blowing position like The X Position. This twisty move keeps him from getting a little too enthusiastic about thrusting, which means a longer, hotter session between the sheets. Plus, use this as an opportunity to adjust your bodies by taking turns sitting up and lying down until he’s hitting you just right. The slow and steady pace will send you over the edge.

You’re with a new partner

When still feeling things out with a new friend in the bedroom missionary is a great way to test the waters with your partner. But before you call it lame, remember that there are a million modifications that can make it even hotter. Try lifting one leg or both on their shoulders or bend your knees to your chest to let it go deeper.

You Skipped Yoga Tonight


In case you didn’t know, skipping the gym to have sex is 100 percent okay (just get back in there tomorrow). But if you’re feeling particularly ambitious and want to try to burn a few more calories than usual while getting busy, whip out the Wheel Barrow move. As you hold yourself up in this handstand-looking maneuver, he’ll enter you from behind and grip your waist while he thrusts. You’re definitely going to feel this in the morning.

You Haven’t Seen Him in a While

After coming back from being away for a while, your partner is as attractive as that scene with Ben Affleck in Lost. And most likely he thinks the same of you, well, maybe not the part of Ben Affleck. Enjoy some action waking eye contact while hard spider. Rock back and forth, and then reduce the heat to a higher level, putting her legs over his shoulders to reach the finish line faster. It’s so good to be home.

It’s His Birthday


When you want to really treat your parter, give him a show and the ride of his life with Reverse Cowgirl. This move puts you in total control so you can blow his mind, plus he’s going to love the view. Try leaning forward or backward to change the angle of his penis until it feels just right. Plus, this hands-free move allows for you to reach down and stimulate yourself or play with his testicles.



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